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We take your safety and the safety of our employees very seriously.  There are three aspects of our safety program: Covid, food safety, and physical safety (slips and knives)

safety program

COVID safety.  We want to keep you and our staff healthy.  Our staff will not work if they show any symptoms.  Please stay home and order contactless delivery if you are symptomatic.  While in our family restaurant, use contactless ordering payments.  Our QR code will show you the menu on your phone and you can order straight to the kitchen display screen used by the chef, bypassing any delay. 

A clean restaurant is a safe restaurant.  That means that the floor will be wet from time to time.  Non skid shoes are strongly recommended.  Imagine your parents telling you to be careful. :)

Food safety is paramount.  We have all had foodborne illness, it is never fun.  That is why we clean and sterilize daily.  All temperatures are closely monitored and logged.  The refrigeration even has a high temperature blue tooth alarm to notify us immediately should there be a cooling system failure.  Current health department safety rating A+.

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